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The Stockholm Centre for the Rights of the Child is a research Centre and platform at Stockholm University. Our research and operations focus on children's rights and legal issues relating to children in a broad spectrum of situations and within many different areas of law. The general purpose of the Centre is to create a platform for researchers with interest in, and focus on, child law and children’s rights – both from the Faculty of law and the faculties for social sciences and humanities at Stockholm University. The object is also to, through research and collaboration, work for the respect and realization of children’s rights – and to contribute to better living conditions for children and youth in our society.

The Centre organizes seminars and conferences that attract participants from many different scientific fields and practitioners with interest in child law and children’s rights. More information about current seminars and events held in English can be found here on the website.

For information about all our upcoming events, including the ones held in Swedish, see the Swedish version of this website.



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