The Committee also decides upon the admission requirements to and organisation of the law study programme, the courses that shall be encompassed by the law study programme and upon matters concerning the Master of Laws study programme. The Committee is also required to state its opinion on committee reports referring to the law study programme or another undergraduate study programme, submitted to it for its consideration. The Committee for Education shall in particular stimulate progress in education, ensuring that it is based on scientific grounds. In addition to seven teacher representatives the Committee consists of three external members and three student representatives.

Education Committee for the period 2018-2020

Members Deputies

Torben Spaak, Chair

Johan Schelin (Group Deputy)
Roger Persson Österman

 Andrea Sundstrand (Group Deputy)

Elisabeth Ahlinder  
Laura Carlson  
Mia Carlsson  
Åsa Örnberg  
PhD student Ivar Lavett PhD student Alexander Unnersjö
Law student Camilla Stein Law student Miranda Wallin (Group Deputy)
Law student Hanna Sahlin Law student Anton Selander (Group Deputy)

Union representatives: vacant

Deputy: vacant