The Board is responsible for matters connected with undergraduate and postgraduate studies as well as research. The majority of the Board members are highly qualified teachers working at the Faculty. The Faculty Board is headed by a Dean who also acts as  chairperson. The Board also includes student representatives. A large portion of the Board’s work is carried out in two standing committees:

Matters to be considered by the Law Faculty Board are prepared by the Law Faculty Secretariat, which also belongs to the University’s Administration Management Unit.

Faculty board for the period 2018-2020


  •     Jessika van der Sluijs, Dean, Chairperson
  •     Teresa Simon-Almendal
  •     Torben Spaak
  •     Claes Lernestedt
  •     Christina Ramberg
  •     Pål Wrange
  •     Pernilla Leviner
  •     Björn Lundqvist


Group deputies

  • Juri Munukka
  • Per Jonas Nordell
  • Kavot Zillén