The Committee appoints and dismisses supervisors of doctoral students. It also appoints opponents, examining committees and chair persons for the public defence of doctoral theses or for public seminars held for the defence of licentiate theses. It is further responsible for questions concerning evaluation of research and postgraduate studies. The majority of the Committee’s members are highly qualified teachers working at the Faculty. The Committee includes also three doctoral student members.

Research Committee for the period 2018-2020


Teresa Simon Almendal (chair)
Mårten Schultz
Peter Wahlgren
Åsa Hellstadius
Anna Kaldal
Mark Klamberg


Antonina Bakardijeva Engelbrekt (dep.)
Jack Ågren (dep.)

Student representatives

Marie Jarnesand
Sandra Thobaben
Alexander Besher
Chris Lau (dep.)
Dafne Barkestad (dep.)