The Faculty Board has two standing committees for research and education, respectively. The Department of Law and is in charge of operations. The Faculty Board decides on the Department’s budgetary matters and sets the level of student performance results which the Department must achieve each year (measured as the sum of course credits obtained by all students in a given year).

The Board is tasked with monitoring and evaluating those results. Operational activities – research and education – are conducted by the Department of Law. The Department is directed by the Head of Department and a Deputy Head. The Head of Department directs and allocates departmental work. Pursuant to a decision of the University Board, the Head of Department is responsible for the budget, as well as the Department’s organisation and staff. The Department of Law is governed by the Department Board. The Board issues guidelines concerning, e.g., teaching and examinations, draws up the budget, and handles similar matters.

The organisational structure of Stockholm University’s Law Faculty and Department of Law is based on the simple idea that powers and responsibilities shall be distributed among a rather large number of persons and bodies. One advantage of such a structure is that it stimulates the involvement of a large number of co-workers in the internal decision-making process.